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​We represent corporate clients and individuals in all aspects of music and corporate transactions involving entertainment companies and related assets.  We have the privilege of serving clients of diverse nature and backgrounds, in the United States and throughout the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, China and Russia, among others. 

Our clientele ranges from global corporate clients, including record labels and music publishers, to award-winning producers, artists and songwriters, to personal managers, senior executives, festival promoters, local entrepreneurs, reality TV producers as well as the estates of deceased authors and recording artists.

We also provide legal and consulting services to law firms and lawyers requiring our expertise, counsel and support in various cases and matters.

Our clients look to us for advice on a wide array of issues and matters, including strategic business development, negotiation and drafting of agreements, licenses and other documents, the administration, management and protection of music assets and copyrights, sales and acquisitions, employment and real estate issues, as well as other matters relating to their intellectual property, business assets and operations.