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​We are recognized for, and take pride in, our results-oriented work.  Our successful track record is a testament to the superior quality of our work, guided by the firm's core values:  professionalism, creativity, diligence, responsiveness, efficiency and results.

Transactional Work in the Entertainment Industry

Our practice involves a broad range of transactional work in the entertainment industry.  In addition to our strong background in the music publishing and recording industry as well as related copyright and contractual matters, we are also experienced in digital media, new media, television, film and a variety of entertainment-related businesses. 

Our work involves a wide array of deals and transactions, including, by way of example,

  • asset sale and purchase agreements
  • co-publishing and sub-publishing agreements
  • administration agreements
  • management agreements
  • producer agreements
  • songwriter and composer agreements
  • recording agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • agreements related to the placement of music rights
  • various licenses, including synchronization and digital licensing
  • joint venture and income participation agreements
  • employment-related agreements
  • submission agreements
  • participant agreements
  • location and access agreements
  • content acquisition and provider agreements

We work closely with our clients in all phases of transactional practice, from pre-deal planning and strategy, through research and negotiation, to drafting, execution and closing. 

We research, analyze and resolve contractual and royalty issues, as well as competing claims with respect to copyright ownership and chain of title.

We provide legal and consulting services to other law firms and lawyers requiring our expertise, counsel and support on various entertainment, music and copyright issues and matters.

A Strategic and Integrated Litigation Approach

We advise clients regarding litigation strategy and the selection of litigation counsel with an integrated business-focused approach in mind.  We may work together with litigators on certain litigation matters.  In recent years, the firm has collaborated very successfully with our clients' litigators on various litigation matters, often involving complex or unsettled issues or significant rulings.  By way of example:

  • As the transactional entertainment attorney for the heirs of Marvin Gaye, we represented the Gaye heirs in connection with the much-discussed Blurred Lines case which, in 2015, resulted in a $5.3 million dollar jury finding of copyright infringement in favor of our clients against plaintiffs Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams.
  • We represented producer Shep Pettibone in connection with his successful defense of the sampling claim filed against him and Madonna regarding the worldwide hit "Vogue" in 2013.
  • The firm represented F.B.T. Productions in the much-cited Eminem digital downloads case, which resulted in a precedential ruling against Aftermath/Interscope Records and Universal Music in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  F.B.T. Productions, LLC, et al. v. Aftermath Records, et al., 621 F.3d 958 (9th Cir. 2010), cert. denied, 131 S. Ct. 1677 (2011).

Due Diligence Reviews

A major emphasis of our practice involves the representation of buyers or sellers in the acquisition or sale of music catalogs which require extensive due diligence reviews.  We have substantial experience conducting and coordinating efficient reviews of music catalogs and assets and counseling clients on the valuation of music copyrights.  We prepare due diligence reports related to the potential sale or acquisition of music catalogs and assets.

Copyright Issues

We advise clients on all matters and issues with respect to copyrights, including the registration, renewal and termination thereof.  We perform comprehensive copyright termination analyses for authors and/or their heirs, and counsel and assist them in the recapture of their copyrights.